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Branding & Marketing

[strategy, brand, website, video, content, reputation, research, corporate identity, social media, promotion]



Account Director
02.2013 – 10.2015



I created BrandPRO with my partner in 2013 and since then, holding the position of Account Director, I have improved my competencies in the following areas: company management, marketing management, brand management, project management and human resources management.

BrandPRO, which is (still) delivering branding and marketing services, brought me lots of satisfaction.
I have created a team, which serves companies from various industries and supports them in developing marketing strategies, creating new brands and providing marketing tools such as websites, social media profiles, professional publications and online ads.

The results of my work speak volumes for the key principle that drives all of my activities: right, open-minded and highly motivated people are key assets in any company, no matter in which field it operates.

What I appreciated most was especially self-reliance and responsibility.


Here are some of my professional duties:

– supervising and coordinating branding & marketing projects for key clients,

– identification of customer expectations through analysis and strategic workshops,

– building and maintaining relations with customers,

– planning schedules and budgets,

– creating marketing plans for clients,

– day-to-day management: processes, personal, relations, financial.


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